NV photo 2Night Vision 2017

If you have ever wondered whether church could be different, or what's inside St Mary's, this is for you. Come when you can, go when you must. Everyone is welcome. Perhaps you are intrigued to know more about God and what Christianity is all about. 

See the Spring series flier here. /Publisher/File.aspx?ID=203729 
You can read about the Autumn 2017 events below and see the photo gallery here. 

Our last event in the Autumn 2017 series was "Christ and Comedy" on Friday 17 November 2017 at the earlier time of 5.30pm, closing at 8.30pm. Paul Kerensa, the kneel down standup comedy writer and performer started off our evening. Paul is one of the few who  performs stand up comedy at clubs, churches, in bearpits and pulpits! He is a Guildford man and performed at the Guildford fringe in 2017. Paul is also a writer, most recently of "Hark! The Biography of Chistmas" and also children's books. He contributes to the "Pause for Thought" slot on Chris Evans Radio 2 Breakfast Show. If you missed "Christ and Comedy" then take a look at his website, perhaps check out "Pause for Thought" where he talks about crowns of goodness. Click the link on his name at the start of this piece. 

We also had cartoons to provoke laughter and help us reflect on what Christianity is really all about. Katie and Anne talked about the "Laughing Christ" who turned water into wine at weddings and helped us think about joy. As usual there was space to reflect and candles, as well as fun

NV Oct 17 StM chapel words 2Our October "Happily Ever After?" event ran from 10pm to 2am (yes really).

It was based on fairy tales, with the opportunity to reflect on rest and hard questions late into the night. What would you say to God?

There was a prayer well to drop prayers into, and we raised money for the homeless with no bed to go home to. About 50 people were there.

NV Oct 17 cross 2

star candholder comeaway 2The first event was on 15 September. We invited guests to consider what would happen  "IF I RULED THE WORLD" About 45 people were there. Every hour (2000, 2100 and 2200) there was an opportunity to hear "Thought for the Night" from excellent speakers reflecting on world events. There was a short service of Night Prayer at the close.

To find out more contact Nigel, Anne and Nick at  nightvision@commongroundguildford.org