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The church is people not buildings. Common Ground is a mission community whose calling
is summarised in the three words: Pray, Together and Go. 
We have not suspended our activity as a result of the COVID19 restrictions. Far from it. We have changed how we do things. There are links below to church websites. Look out for information about when St Mary’s is open and about Night Vision. You may find our Spirituality section useful.   
We have a community "office of prayer" which we aim to say daily. 

Links to the national church and Guildford church websites

The members of common ground are members of Guildford churches or support Common Ground from further away and join in when they come (some of them very regularly y having been previously active members who have moved from Guildford. The links below include the Guildford churches they belong to and other town centre churches.  

Holy Trinity St Mary's includes information about what's on at St Mary's where we are based, "pause to pray" and information about opportunities to get involved in local activities.

The cathedral website is here. 

St Saviours Guildford is here.
St Nicolas Guildford includes a "Church at Home" leaflet with spiritual and "self care" resources.

Catholic Parish of Guildford (Roman Catholic) 

Parish of Shere has the added benefit of some wonderful pictures of Surrey for those who are stuck at home!
St Mary's Shalford has a treasure trove of resources to help you "Pause to Pray". 

Church of England  web site has a wealth of resources including information about services online Church online | The Church of England 

Methodist Church

St Francis and St Clares Westborough (Park Barn) 


Grace Church Guildford includes links to a Psalm every day and a link for the morning and evening church services streamed on Sunday.

St Peter's, Bellfields links to advice and information to help in the current health crisis: Spiritual Resources and Emotional Resources including managing anxiety

Not in the Guildford area?  Find a Church