creative arts tileCreative Arts Events 

Our creative arts events aim to help people "catch a glimpse of God", working in collaboration with St Mary's and other Guildford churches.

Here are some highlights.
The Easter Walkway down the length of St Mary's will be here again with an opportunity to reflect on the last days of Jesus' life. This is from 15 to 20 April (Holy Week).  
In Nomine will be providing a musical and bible reading reflection on 14 April 2019, Palm Sunday. 

Our last event in 2018 was "Dust and Glory". Dust  Glory jpeg 002

Check out church websites and the tourist office for information on concerts during the year including at the cathedral, St Nicolas, Holy Trinity and St Mary's.

There are regular monthly organ recitals at St Mary's Wednesday lunchtime. You can find out more information on the website.

Please contact community@commonground for more information.  

Something which may also be of interest is a series of events being put on by Stand Up Christology:

Christology 2020 2