Common Ground Guildford,
Who's Who 

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Revd Canon Andrew Wheeler (Andy),
  The Members of the Common Ground Guildford Community  
Andy is the driving force behind the establishment of Common Ground Guildford and its first leader. He remains a member of the community along with his wife Sue. He was previously Mission Pastor of St Saviours Guildford and Guildford Diocese's World Mission Advisor and is now part of the St Mary's church family. He is a long term Church Mission Society (CMS) Mission Partner who has worked in the Sudan. The establishment and effectiveness of Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy (GTCC) and Street Angels are evidence of his concern for Guildford's people and community. In his spare time he enjoys retreats to places such as Iona, music and is rumoured to be slowing down into retirement.  Andy is an ordained Anglican minister. 
  The Common Ground Guildford Community is an open one. It is not residential and people remain part of their churches. People join as members by making a pledge to the Community Way of Life which involves prayer, sharing together and going (to offer the Christian message in fresh ways).  You should be sure this is the right thing for you now. Some people will be involved with the Community as Companions, participating in ways that are appropriate to their circumstances, prayer  and often active in making events happen, without being able to go as far as making a formal commitment as Members at this stage. Common Ground Guildford is made up of Christians from various Guildford Town Centre churches and supported (especially in prayer) by others who live elsewhere. 
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Co-Leaders    You? 
Currently the Leadership of Common Ground is shared between Nigel and Andrea Campion-Smith,  and Mel Seymour. Many people are involved in making Common Ground Guildford's community life, events and activities happen. After all, it's part of what being a community member is about.    Are you interested in joining Common Ground Guildford or coming to our events and activities? 
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Oversight Committee   Revd Canon Robert Cotton 
Common Ground Guildford is made up of Christians from various Guildford Town Centre churches and supported (especially in prayer) by others who live elsewhere. It meets under the legal umbrella of Holy Trinity St Mary's Guildford, whose Rector Robert Cotton is responsible for St Mary's church where Common Ground meets. Common Ground Guildford therefore has a small Oversight Group, which reports to Holy Trinity St Mary's PCC and Rector to make sure stewardship obligations and accountabilities are fulfilled. The Group also makes sure that there is proper ongoing communication with partners and funders. The Chairman is Andrew Carvell. The other members are Revd Canon Mavis Wilson and Revd Canon Robert Cotton.   Robert is the Rector of Holy Trinity St Mary's town centre parish. He is a key supporter of Common Ground Guildford. Importantly he has allowed Common Ground Guildford to use St Mary's as a base and provided a framework within which it can operate.  We are really grateful for Robert's support and for making time to make sure Common Ground Guildford has got this far.