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Prayer Walking 

Prayer walking is what it sounds like! Pray while you walk for the people, organisations and world around you. It's not always clear what to pray for, and the right thing to do is to pray for God to bless that place, the people who live and work there.

You could pray blessings as part of your everyday walk or journey. Going to the office or near your home. Perhaps take a route that covers some of the organisations mentioned in "Pray for Guildford" below. Pray alone or with a group of two or three on a walk. Pray in a way you find appropriate. Some prayers you may find helpful to start you off are at the end.   

Pray for Guildford

Some people, businesses and organisations in Guildford to pray for:

  • those who visit St Mary's, especially those who have asked for our prayers
  • Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy (Street Angels and volunteer chaplains)
  • schools
  • offices
  • shops and other commercial businesses
  • public and emergency services
  • charities
  • law courts and police
  • social and eating places
  • those in any kind of need 
Some prayers of blessing

For businesses and shops generally

We bless this place, for the commercial, business activity and trading that takes place here. We pray that a sense of community will grow in these streets. We bless those that work here, that their businesses might prosper and bring value and service to the lives of the people of the town. We pray for the conversations that take place and that people will honour your name so that this town will become one where faith in you is woven into its life. 

By pharmacies, surgeries, dentists, opticians, hospitals   
We bless the health of the people of Guildford. We pray for the sick in body, mind and spirit and those who care for them, and ask for their healing. Circle them with your presence Lord we pray.  

By courts, police station, fire station, probation office

We bless all those who keep watch over the safety, peace and integrity of the town Lord. We bless all those who strive to for justice and those who seek to help those who fail. We pray for your church that it may be part of this process, especially for Street Angels, and for those who serve as paid and volunteer police and prison chaplains.
Restaurants and places to eat

We bless this place and those who work here, in Jesus name, as they give hospitality and welcome to others. We pray for all here, that they may discover Jesus, knowing that he cares for us and makes us welcome.     

Schools and the university (about one fifth of the population are students counting the College) 

We bless this place, in Jesus name, and the children/students and teachers/lecturers here. We bless their capacity to learn and develop relationships. We pray for all the links between churches, organisations, schools and the university in this town, and that children and students will develop as your disciples and discover you as they grow as to adulthood.     

Churches and Christians

We bless all Christians in this town whether they are part of churches here or meet with Christians elsewhere. We pray that they will be a light shining in this place, seeking the welfare of its people for your sake, and pray for the blessing of the Holy Spirit on their gifts. We bless those who are taking their first tentative steps on the journey of faith.    

For those in need

Into our world of darkness
Into our places of strife
Into our troubles and weakness
Come Lord

To those who are in need,
To those who are in sickness
To those who are in despair
Come Lord