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About Us 

Common Ground Guildford is a mission community of people who are passionate about finding new ways to offer people the Christian message and to pray, especially for Guildford. We are committed to continuing to be part of our existing churches, which include Guildford town centre Church of England, Methodist and Baptist churches.

We summarise our community way of life  as PRAY; TOGETHER; GO; and make a commitment to GIVE. 

We offer a wide range of events and activities -for those intrigued about Christianity -and those who may be sceptical. Whether you are a Night Owl (see Night Vision), want to explore more about Spirituality, or wonder how faith and values play out in the "real world" there is something for you. We work with the St Mary's congregation to welcome you to this special "sacred space" to reflect, pray, and "just be".    

You can find out about how we are organised and key people under Who's Who. You can find out more about joining Common Ground in the Join In section of Community Life.   

Prayer from the Common Ground Guildford commitment service
Heavenly Father, we thank you for your call on our lives, stirring us, unsettling us, and drawing us into new paths where we are changed and renewed
  to show your love in your world. We thank you that, through your Spirit, you draw us into new communities of friendship, prayer and service. We thank you now for Common Ground and pray that we may be filled with your Spirit as we commit ourselves to walk together with each other and with Jesus 

our Example, Friend and Saviour.