NV photo 2Night Vision 2019

Have you ever wondered about God, but thought there must be an alternative to church? Intrigued to see what's inside St Mary's? Join us for Night Vision, the next event is Friday 25 January from 20.00 to 23.30. See life through a different lens!  

Click here for the January to March 2019 leaflet.

NV Jan - Mar 002You can see the 2018 gallery here and 2017 here.  

To give you a flavour we enjoyed a musical event in November, and had something special pre-Christmas for late night shoppers.

During the summer we enjoyed "holidays and holy days", including conversation, mocktails, and eclectic music. 

Prior to that on 22 June we enjoyed "The Dad Dimension" which picked up from Fathers' Day.  

On Friday 16 February, close to Valentines Day we began the 2018 series with "Who Loves you Baby?" There were opportunities to hear about God's love. A place to write prayers. Music on the theme of love. "We need your love".
16 March, close to Mothers Day, was a good opportunity to use female images and words to speak about God. As the singer/songwriter Garth Hewitt put it in his "Walk the Talk" album "We need you mother love O God to keep and hold us tight, We need your mother love O God to lead us through the night. We need your Holy Spirit to comfort and to guide, May she give us courage to do what is right." "We need your mother love O God to keep our spirits true, To the values of your Kingdom, to the attitudes from you. Blessed are the merciful, blessed are the meek, Blessed are the humble, Blessed are the weak. "       

Information from Nigel, Nick and Anne at community@commongroundguildford.org