We offer a wide range of events and activities -for those intrigued about Christianity and for those who may be sceptical. Perhaps you are a Night Owl (see Night Vision) or want to reflect and explore more about Spirituality-or need to pause and think visiting St Mary's might provide space to do that. 

We work with the St Mary's congregation to welcome you to this special "sacred space" to reflect, pray, and "just be". There is more information in the St Marys is open section. The COVID 19 Pandemic limited what was possible, but activities have started again. We are focusing on a regular Vigil for the Ukraine on Friday evenings.                                                                                                                                                             
Check out spotlights to find out more about special events and seasonal activities such as Christmas and Easter. 

We are a mission community committed to work with, and as part of the churches of which we are part.