Take time out to reflect, be still, pause.

We have a growing collection of reflections, most of them based on events held at St Mary's, Quarry Street, Guildford. You have found the main collection which is under Spirituality.

Still Mondays, a monthly cycle of contemplative reflection, from 12.00-1.15.  On the first Monday of the month the theme is "A picture tells a story", on the second Monday of the month a guided contemplation, and so on.  A copy of the flyer is available here.  Please also refer to the calendar on the Resources tab. 

Still Mondays

A flavour of what has happened previously:
A time of music and reflection at our Taizé service on Sunday 3 March


Little Town Poster 3 St Mary's Advent 2017  reflection one Little Town, Big Story by Jo Trickey. Reflection two by Sarah Hutton about Mary's story, including the question "do we tend our well"? . Reflection three How silently by Lyn McKay with a message about setting aside times of silence.  


St Mary's is open throughout the year to provide space to reflect, but not every day. In addition to the regular openings and events in Advent, Christmas and before Easter we usually open on New Year's Eve  and more frequently in the summer. 
We have tried to capture some of that atmosphere here.
The first series were written during Advent 2017.  
Reflection one. 
Reflection two.
Reflection three
Reflection four. NYE candlestar

These reflections from our New Years Eve series are about:
how light is stronger than darkness;
walking in other peoples' shoes; and
the contrasting call to "go" and "be".