One of the founding principles of Common Ground Guildford is that it is not a new church. It is a community of Christians from existing Guildford churches who are committed to share together in prayer and offer the Christian message in fresh ways - working with the Guildford churches.

Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy and Street Angels were also founded as a result of a concern by Christians in Guildford to work together to meet pastoral and social need in the town. So there is a close association with their work, especially in caring for the well being of the Guildford community. 

Common Ground Guildford has strong links with and gratefully acknowledges the support of: Holy Trinity St Mary's Church Guildford, Guildford Methodist Church, St Saviour's Church Guildford, and Millmead Baptist Church . It is also supported by Guildford Diocese (Church of England). We are also grateful for the encouragement, prayer and other support of: St Nicolas' Church Guildford, Emmaus Road and ChristChurch Guildford.