faith at work Faith at Work Resources 

This page signposts some resources  which may help you reflect on what "living wisely" as a Christian in the workplace means.  

The Anglican Diocese of Guildford make a variety of resources and events available as part of their "Transforming Work" programme led by the Revd Matt Prior . This includes information about resources available from other organisations.

Some of the most well known individual organisations that provide resources and events to help reflect on "Living wisely" and Christian Faith in the workplace are given below.

London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

St Paul's Institute which is part of St Paul's Cathedral in the City of London and aims to help reflect on issues such as equality, stewardship and the common good.

St Paul's Theological Centre which is part of the Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) family of ministries and partners with St Mellitus College, which is a theological college serving the Church of England.  
The "Godpod" is a weekly discussion of real life issues to get you thinking.

You may also be interested in the Institute of Business Ethics which is not specifically Christian, but was originally born out of the concern for Christian Business people for ethical business.

The Jubilee Centre focuses on biblical reflection and the public life. For example the Ethics of Remuneration.

Arocha is a christian environmental  charity which promotes stewardship of God's earth. Guildford Diocese is working towards achieving Arocha's "ecochurch" award. Holy Trinity Guildford, the sister church to St Mary's where Common Ground is based has bronze status.