P1260453previewjpeg cross mounLent and Easter


The 40 days before Easter are called "Lent". An opportunity to give time to God and reflection. Not just to give up something.  

This year St Mary's annual Lent reflection series is called "Were You There?"

It runs on Thursdays, from 7 March at 1215 for 1230. The reflections are 15 minutes long, followed by a soup and bread lunch.  Follow the link to see the paintings and a summary of the reflections. Click here for the leaflet.

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Were you there dates

The Easter Walkway down the length of St Mary's will be here again with an opportunity to reflect on the last days of Jesus' life. This is from 15 to 20 April (Holy Week).  

For details of Lent and Easter worship at St Nicolas church - please click on  https://www.saintnics.com/our-church/lent-holy-week-easter/

For details of Lent and Easter worship at St Saviours church - please click on https://st-saviours.org.uk/

You can sign up for daily reflections sent to your inbox from #LiveLent:Let you Light Shine by the Church of England. Go to www.churchofengland.org/lent

The Methodist church resources are available at http://www.methodist.org.uk/our-faith/worship/lent-and-easter/prayers-for-lent-and-easter/

Holy Week and Easter

We remember and celebrate the transforming love of God and his action through Jesus Christ's death on the cross, mending our broken relationship with him.