P1260453previewjpeg cross mounLent and Easter


The 40 days before Easter are called "Lent". An opportunity to give time to God and reflection. Not just to give up something.  

This year there is an opportunity to take part in the 2021 Lent Reflection series on Zoom.
You can find out more information here.    

Holy Week and Easter

We remember and celebrate the transforming love of God and his action through Jesus Christ's death on the cross, mending our broken relationship with him. Many services use the image of light breaking through darkness. 

There will be more information here about what is happening in Guildford churches to celebrate Easter including services on zoom, those you can attend in person, and churches open for private prayer.    

Holy Week is the week before Easter starting with Palm Sunday which marks Christ's ride into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. In previous years St Mary's has had an Easter Walkway the length of the church.  

Many events take place on Maundy Thursday the day of the "Last Supper" when Christ shared bread and wine with his disciples. 

On Good Friday we commemorate Christ's death on the cross, with services on Easter Sunday which celebrate his resurrection:

Please also check the calendar (see under Resources) for details and information of other events which will be added as it comes in.